Eid Gift Platter

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On this Eid, give your loved ones, not cakes or sweets but a beautiful GRAZE EID Gift Platter with a Personalized Eid Greeting Card!

This gift will always be remembered.

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GRAZE.pk platter can be served and enjoyed by 2 to 3 people.

The yummylicious platter size is 12″ and consists of 15+ mouth-watering flavours:

Cup Cake/Pastry
French Loaf (Garlic/Plain)
Seasonal Fruits
Cream Cheese Dip
Peanut Butter Dip
Chocolate Dip
Chili Garlic Dip
Mortadella Slices With Cracked Black Peppercorn And Pistachios


Graze.Pk offers healthy food, its ingredients are so fresh and organic with the best food. pk makes sure that the food is well prepared and hygienic so that the customers do not have any problems. Our EID GIFT PLATTER contains semi-sweet chocolate (half to 65 cocoa) has a firm chocolate taste with a good sugar balance. not too sweet and the dragging feeling adapts in a similar way. May have nutty, spicy, floral or potentially natural notes with traces of local produce, the cupcakes were literally the softest and heavenly cupcakes we’ve ever had.

Marshmallows are generally vanilla and incredibly sweet. Sugar is the main concern that you test when you eat a marshmallow, the gelatin should taste like something different, the first motivation behind the jam is that it tastes sweet, maybe even a little sweet and sour, new and smooth. Brownies can have a sweet taste or a simple chocolate flavour. You are rich, sweet in the middle. These brownies are so much better compared to the box, the chocolate sauce is a very tasty product for chocolate lovers and much more, so feel free to order EID GIFT PLATTER from Graze. package

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3 reviews for Eid Gift Platter

  1. Ghulam Hussain

    Great platter in affordable price. Very fresh.

  2. Ansharah

    Excellent taste and quality.

  3. Deepa

    Taste was good, quantity was good enough, Overall I liked it and recommendation it

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