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Per Month | 4 Meals Per Day (includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner)

GRAZE.PK Healthy Food Diet Meal can be served and enjoyed by a single person.

The yummylicious Diet Meal consists of various mouth-watering flavours, which will be circulated randomly throughout the whole month, designed by top nutritionists.

Drinking more water is very good for health but it is important to drink water or any liquid at the right time.

Dietitians recommend that you eat the right foods at the right time to stay healthy. That’s why we provide you with 4 meals a day that includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks (Optional) and Dinner.



Breakfast Healthy Food Diet Meal Menu

Boiled egg
Milk (low-fat)
Brown Bread
Fruit yoghurt
Bread Sticks
Black coffee / black tea / green tea
Mushroom omelette


Lunch Healthy Food Diet Meal Menu

Fruit salad
Mix Vegetable salad
Sandwich (boiled chicken with bologna)
Grilled chicken salad
Chickpea salad
Boiled (peas, carrot, potato salad)
Macaroni salad
Beans salad
Soup or Yakhni (various flavours)
Brown rice
Grilled chicken
Chinese rice with Manchurian chicken


Snack Healthy Food Diet Meal Menu

Diet biscuits
Nut bars
Detox water
Granola bars
Seasonal Fruit
Yoghurt mint lassi


Dinner Healthy Food Diet Meal Menu

Soup or Yakhni
Baked potatoes
Chicken chunks
Hummus with pita bread
Chapati with daal or sabzi
BBQ stick with garlic rice
Brown bread sandwich with fajita breast chicken
Beef dry with veggies and organic brown rice
Whole wheat Ceaser wrap with veggies and sauce

About Healthy Food Diet Meal

Looking for a stunning and laugh manner to serve the Meal or snacks? Ordering food is a laugh and exquisite manner to serve the meal. It is ideal for each event, a pleasant and comfortable meal. is right here to offer you the nicest Healthy Food Diet Meal ever. We have mastered assembling the food and making it stunning because it tastes.

We sell specific snacks and meals in Healthy Food Diet Meal, which can be assembled stunningly on a package.

The predominant advantage of the graze meal is that you may revel in this amongst your buddies and own circle of relatives and make the instantly memorable, which makes it as a laugh and clean manner to make all and sundry loves you.

Other than our assembling, does now no longer simply provide yummy meals it additionally gives wholesome meals with their clean and natural meals consumption. We hold in our thoughts that our clients devour the maximum hygiene meals and acquire the splendour withinside the appearance of our platters. The merchandise we offer is one of these brilliant deal examine to the box. It covers the great what all and sundry needs. Our versatile, calcium and potassium merchandise is so clean to like and make you healthier. Then What are you ready for, choose up the smartphone and order from and revel in this yummy and wholesome Healthy Food Diet Meal.

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Menu items can be changed or replaced anytime without any prior notice.

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  1. Omar

    Super tasty 4 Meals a Day includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner wow.
    I must say this plan is made by top nutritionists.

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