Sweet & Salty Platter

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When you want to wow your guest but haven’t got any time to cook or prep, a SWEET & SALTY grazing platter is just the ticket for keeping things stress free for you…

Make your special day more special with our SWEET & SALTY PLATTER. Order a unique variety of sandwiches & sweets to refresh your taste buds.



GRAZE.pk platter can be served and enjoyed by 2 to 3 people.

The yummylicious platter size is 12″ and consists of 10+ mouth-watering flavours:

Skewers Sticks
Chicken Pie
Spring Roll
Pizza Bread
Mini Pizza
Vegetable Patties
Chicken Croissant
Mini Buns
Chicken Cheese Puffs
Mayo Garlic Dip
Sweet Dip
Chili Garlic Dip
Chocolate Dip


Looking for a lovely and amusing way to serve the meal or snacks? Ordering a platter is an amusing and brilliant way to serve the meal. It is good for every event, satisfactory and cushy weekend brunch. Graze.pk is proper right here to provide you with the first-class platter ever. We have mastered assembling the platter and makes it as lovely as it tastes. We promote a particular type of snacks and meal in SWEET & SALTY PLATTER, which may be assembled in a lovely way on a platter. The foremost gain of the platter is that you can enjoy this among your pals and personal own family and make the immediate memorable, which makes it an amusing and easy way to make anybody loves you. Other than our assembling,

Graze.pk does not genuinely offer yummy food; moreover, it offers healthy food with easy and herbal food consumption. We maintain in our mind that our customers eat the most hygiene food and accumulate the beauty withinside the advent of our platters. The products we provide are this kind of awesome deal look at to the box. It covers the amazing what anybody needs. Our versatile, calcium and potassium products are so easy to love and make you healthier. Then What are you equipped for, pick out up the smartphone and order from Graze.pk and enjoy this yummy and healthy SWEET & SALTY PLATTER.

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1 review for Sweet & Salty Platter

  1. Sehar

    Sweet & salty Platter provided by graze.pk must order.

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