Citrus Honey

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GRAZE Citrus honey is a natural product, carefully harvested from Lemon, Orange, Grey fruit trees & bottled to preserve the quality you enjoy.

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Advantage of CITRUS HONEY:

CITRUS HONEY has healing properties, and is an easy and safe choice for a minor wound and burn treatment. Honey is a sweet substance made by bees from the nectar of flowering plants. There are many various types, but it’s generally high in calories and carbs with only trace amounts of micronutrients. it’s a lighter shade and crystallises extra slowly than everyday honey. CITRUS HONEY isn’t simply beneficial for culinary purposes. While it stocks the standard fitness advantages of conventional honey, it additionally has precise homes of its own.

HONEY is good to use each morning, one teaspoon before breakfast (if wished use more), or dissolved in heat water, milk, tea, or even higher in apple vinegar. it’s secure for max people over the age of 1 . Nonetheless, those allergic to bees or honey and people with diabetes got to communicate with their healthcare issuer before the usage of it. provide natural organic honey extracted from bees and also give you the best quality CITRUS HONEY, which is best for your food and to prevent your body from illness. We always make sure that customer gets the best quality honey to keep them satisfied.

Disclaimer: The data is for instructive purposes as it were. This data has not been assessed by the nourishment and sedate specialists. This data isn’t aiming to analyze, treat, remedy, or avoid any malady.

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  1. Kamran khan

    I tried this product it was such an amazing taste.

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