Tower Gift Pack (Berry, Citrus & Acacia)

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Contains 3 bottles : 150 Grams Berry Honey, 150 Grams Citrus Honey & 150 Grams Acacia Honey.

GRAZE Honey is a natural product, carefully harvested & bottled to preserve the quality you enjoy.

Order & taste the 100% pure & organic honey now!



Advantages of Acacia honey

Acacia honey is flexible and can be included in any supper or drink, and indeed can offer assistance in keeping your body and intellect solid.  Acacia honey isn’t fair best for nourishment but moreover for pharmaceuticals as well. it contains the capacity to decrease asthma-related side effects or as the prohibited agent to avoid the acceptance of asthma. it is additionally the most excellent tool to control the cholesterol within the body, but it needs to be best in hygiene. is here to donate you the finest quality ACACIA Honey, which is best for your nourishment and to anticipate your body from the ailment. We continuously make beyond any doubt that client gets the finest quality nectar to keep them fulfilled.

Advantages of Citrus Honey

citrus honey is that it contains effective antioxidants, and it also contains some simple sugar substances and vitamins such as vitamin A, B, and C, and others, which makes it very beneficial to the human body. citrus honey has also healing properties, and is an easy and safe choice for a minor wound and burn treatment. It works to quicken the development of children’s teeth and anticipate them from cracking. citrus honey treats night sleep deprivation as well as discontinuous rest that numerous endure from and relieve the nerves. It brings down blood weight and makes a difference to unwind the muscles and nerves. Protects the heart from sudden strokes.

Advantages of Berry Honey

Berry honey is exceptionally valuable for diabetic patients. It is additionally called Sidr & sugar-free honey. Berry honey is additionally exceptionally advantageous for liver issues, stomach ulcers, respiratory contaminationsinfections coming about from lack of healthy sustenancestomach related issuesclogging, eye infectionscontaminated wounds and burns, surgical wounds (incl. C-section), advancing fast recuperation after childbirth, reinforcing the resistant frameworksadvancing common wellbeing and essentialness.

Disclaimer: The data is for instructive purposes as it were. This data has not been assessed by the nourishment and sedate specialists. This data isn’t aiming to analyze, treat, remedy, or avoid any malady.

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1 review for Tower Gift Pack (Berry, Citrus & Acacia)

  1. aysha

    I gifted graze tower pack to my friend she loves it a so much. its really a super healthy gift.

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