Serving Eidi Platters Giveaways for 2

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A great gift to share on this Eid. To make happy occasions even more memorable order Eidi platters giveaways for 2 persons. Kids love it. Book a special pair of giveaways now.



These serving eidi platters contains 2 giveaways. 9 inches each platter can be served and enjoyed by 1 person.

The yummylicious platter size is 9″ and consists of 20+ mouth-watering flavours:

Cup Cake/Pastry
French Loaf (Garlic/Plain)
Seasonal Fruits
Cream Cheese Dip
Peanut Butter Dip
Chocolate Dip
Chili Garlic Dip
Skewers Sticks
Mix Tin Fruits
Mortadella Slices With Cracked Black Peppercorn And Pistachios


Graze. Pk, offer quality food sources their fixings are so new and natural with the best food. Graze. pk ensures that the food is all around cooked and is sterile so the clients will not need to deal with any issues. our SERVING EIDI PLATTERS GIVEAWAYS FOR 2 contains Semisweet Chocolate (half to 65% cacao) has a strong chocolate flavour with a good balance of sugar. it isn’t too sweet and the following sensation is also changed. It’s anything but nutty, lively, blossom or conceivably regular notes with hints of results of the dirt, cupcakes were from a genuine perspective the smoothest and most magnificent cupcakes we’ve any time had.

Marshmallows for the most part are vanilla and unbelievably sweet. Sugar is the essential concern you’re tasting when you eat a marshmallow, Jelly planned to represent a flavour like something other than what’s expected, the primary inspiration driving jam is for it to taste sweet, maybe even a little tarty, new and smooth. Brownies can have a fudgy taste or a plain chocolate taste. They are rich, fudgy in the middle. The chocolate plunge is an extremely heavenly item for chocolate sweethearts and a lot more so go ahead and request SERVING EIDI PLATTERS GIVEAWAYS FOR 2 from Graze. pk.

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3 reviews for Serving Eidi Platters Giveaways for 2

  1. Imtiaz Hussain

    Very well, I would like to order on this Eid.

  2. shakeela

    wholesome platter with cheap price

  3. Babar

    Good taste with awesome in affordable price range.

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