Dessert Platter

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Nothing could be easier for dessert than this selection. It is very impressive & colourful.


Description platter can be served and enjoyed by 2 to 3 people.

The yummylicious platter size is 12″ and consists of 15+ mouth-watering flavours:

Cup Cake/Pastry
Sweet Yogurt
Chocolate Dip
Skewers Sticks
Mix Tin Fruits
Pineapple Slices

What is the backward of stress? “Dessert”. Coincidence! We don’t think so. A little amount of sugar can bring enjoyment in life. You read it write. Desserts have the authority to bring another level of happiness. Another thing is that these are the easy way to serve many people in one bit. Here we are to provide you with the dessert of your life. does not just offer yummy food it also offers healthy food with fresh and organic food consumption. We keep in our mind that our customers consume the most hygiene food and receive the beauty in the look of our desserts.


contains the finest dark chocolate that has a chocolate flavour with the right amount of sugar: not too sweet and not too bitter, just perfect. This DESERT PLATTER will bring nutty, pleasant and natural taste into your mouth. Our cupcake contains a rich and creamy flavour, which looks beautiful and mouthwatering. When it comes to marshmallows, jelly and tarts, they look so yummy, delicious and sugary. We provide the best and chocolaty brownies to bring pleasure to our customer’s life.

Other than that jelly contains different flavours and every flavour comes with more pleasure. Breadsticks come with white and brown chocolate to dip, lick and enjoy it. The products we provide are such a great deal compare to the box. It covers the quality that everyone needs. Our versatile, calcium and potassium-rich yoghurt are so easy to love and make your bones healthier. Mixed tin fruits, pineapple slices and dates have the right amount of nutrition and calcium to make you fall in love. Then What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and order from and enjoy this yummy and healthy DESERT PLATTER.

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7 reviews for Dessert Platter

  1. Aisha

    I ordered a platter which was beautifully arranged. Service is incredible. Highly recommend!

  2. Aisha

    I ordered a platter it looks very pretty and cant wait to finish all. Service is incredible.

  3. Anwar

    One of very few place where we can get healthy food for people on diet.

  4. Safee

    Desert Platter was awesome, Highly recommended.

  5. Umer

    Such an outstanding platter by, Highly recommended.

  6. Aeza

    Desert platter was marvelous, Must try you will loved it.

  7. Alizay

    Mouth watering taste I have ever Experience ,Highly recommended.

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